Exercise Increases Metabolism for 14 Hours

For years and years, I have been using  a variety of HIIT & HIRT workouts to help clients get fit, strong and really, really lean.

And it’s not just the calories burned during the workout that helps melt off the blubber.

It’s the high number of calories burned in the hours after exercise that really does the trick.

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Here’s why:

A recent study has shown that EPOC,  (a measurement of how quickly or slowly your metabolism (BMR) returns back to normal after exercising), allows exercisers to keep burning calories at an increased rate for up to 14 hours post workout.

In this new study, researchers found that 45 minutes of exercised performed at 57% of their maximum effort resulted in:

  • 519 calories burned during the workout, and
  • an additional 190 calories burned during the next 14 hours.

And though they didn’t test for it in this study, my personal & professional experience has shown that higher intensity exercise has an even greater effect on EPOC levels.


Increasing the strength & duration of post-exercise EPOC is a powerful tool in the battle against the bulge.


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