Henry Rollins v.s. McDonalds

A lesson in nutrition from an unlikely source – Mr. Henry Rollins


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14 thoughts on “Henry Rollins v.s. McDonalds

  1. If you know anything about Henry Rollins; how he lives, how he trains, you’d know there’s NOTHING unlikely about his McDonald’s rant.

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  3. GREAT STUFF – he is a little rough around the edges but there’s nowt wrong with shooting from the hip. And it’s fair to say no-one deserves it more than MacDonalds, excellent! Love it Doug!

  4. McDonalds really is not saint when it comes to food. Even now they are involved in a big lawsuit where people have samples showing that the burger patties served by them across the US contained traces of pesticides and this is when McD has its own,dedicated farms for sourcing the raw materials…which basically means that they have no one else to blame.

  5. Actually, if you DO know Henry Rollins, you’ll know he is very opinionated. This isn’t an unlikely source, this man has said everything about everything.

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