Today’s post is for everyone who:

  • Got fat over the winter
  • And forgot that summer, shorts, t-shirts and bathing suits were just around the corner

Today is June 20…and summer starts tonight.

If your belly looks like the before picture, you need to get serious and follow the rules I am going to lay out below.

RULE #1 – You’re going to need to cut calories

  • Total calories per day are NOT to exceed 12 calories per pound of lean body mass

Note – Lean body mass (LBM), is how much you weight without any fat – This is calculated by subtracting your fat mass (bodyfat % x bodyweight) from your total weight.
Ex. 200 lbs weight – 50 lbs fat (200 x 25% body-fat) = 150 lbs LBM  – 150 lbs x 12 = 1800 calories

RULE #2 – You’re going to increase your protein and decrease your carbs. We need to control insulin

  • Eat between 1 and 1.5 grams of protein per pound of LBM

>Ex. Our 150 lb LBM guinea-pig needs to consume between 150 and 225 grams of protein per day (600 – 900 calories).

RULE #3 – You need to eat FAT.

  • I want you eating 20% of your calories as fat. That can come from your sources of protein and/or supplementation with healthy oils – fish, flax, coconut

Ex. Our 150 lb LBM guinea-pig needs to eat 360 calories / 40 grams of fat per day (1800 x 0.2)

RULE #4 – The majority of your Carb Calories are to be eaten before/during/after your workouts

Our 150 lb LBM guinea-pig is eating 1800 total calories  (600-900 cal of protein &  360 fat). This leaves 540 – 840 calories for carbs.

My recommendation is that you eat:

  • Lower Carbs/Higher Protein on your Low Intensity workout days, and
  • Higher Carbs / Lower Protein on your High Intensity workout days

For more info on workout nutrition, check out this article – Peri-Workout Nutrition

The idea is that fast absorbing / nutrient dense carbs (rice, sugar, etc) are eaten to fuel/re-fuel your workouts and that the rest of the day, your carbs are limited to crunchy vegetables – greens, cucumbers, peppers, broccoli, etc.

RULE #5 – Schedule a cheat meal once per week – don’t count calories, eat what you want, don’t feel guilty. I’m not saying eat until you make yourself sick, but feel free to chow down on all the food you’ve been day dreaming about.

RULE #6 – Keep hydrated – thirst disguises itself as hunger – keep hydrated!!!

RULE #7 – Try and make this plan fit into YOUR lifestyle.

  • Prepare meals in advance
  • Measure / weigh foods – you gotta do it!!!
  • Stick to a small number of foods – a varied diet increases caloric consumption and it will make your prep easier if you’re not calculating calories of new foods in each meal
  • Eat when you’re hungry
  • Get your friends & family on board with your plan
  • Reward yourself – If you stick to your diet all day, you get to watch that cheesy reality tv show no one knows you watch – if you cheat, you have to delete it from TiVo

RULE #8 – Pay attention to your body and modify the diet if needed.

  • This is a blueprint designed to “sorta” fit everybody.
  • But your DNA, lifestyle, history with food isn’t the same as mine.

Make small tweaks – increasing/decreasing protein or carbs, more calories on training days and less on non-training days may work best for you – and pay attention to how your body responds.

RULE #9 – Take a multi-vitamin or two per day

  • Your calories have been lowered,
  • you will be oxidizing fat like crazy
  • we need to keep your micro-nutrient levels nice and high

RULE #10 – This is a short-term eating plan

Don’t hesitate to tweet me or leave a comment if you have questions.

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