California Assemblyman Bill Monning, has proposed a state-wide bill – AB 669 – that would levy a 1 cent per fluid ounce tax on any beverage with added caloric sweeteners, such as soda pop, sweet teas and sports drinks.

Preliminary estimates figure that Bill AB-669 would raise $1.7 billion annually in California, with most of that revenue going towards health related programs for children.

Initially, all funds raised by the new soda tax will be deposited in the newly created Children’s Health Promotion Fund.

From there, they would be allocated to the State Department of Public Health for the purposes of statewide child obesity prevention activities and programs.

  • 20% will be used to coordinate statewide childhood obesity prevention activities and to fund state-levels childhood obesity prevention and children’s dental programs.
  • 35% for community-based childhood obesity prevention programs.
  • 10% to evidence-based prevention, early recognition, monitoring and weight management intervention activities in the medical setting.
  • 35% to elementary and secondary schools for educational, environmental, policy and other public health approaches that promote nutrition and physical activity.


How much do you want to bet that there will be a flood of other state legislatures following California’s lead in the coming months?

Here come the fat taxes…ready or not.