Antibiotics, Drug Resistant Bacteria and Your Food

The CDC tells us that we need to stop taking antibiotics every time we get a cold or fever.

They tell us that the misuse and overuse of antibiotics is leading to the growth of drug resistant superbugs.

And as I found out 22 days ago, drug resistant bacteria have the most unpleasant ability to kill the people that you love the most.

So, it’s pretty obvious that I am all for governments around the world generating PSAs in order to educate us on the misuse & overuse of antibiotics.

What I can’t understand is why they are focusing on our use of antibiotics & antimicrobials when:

  • 80% of all antimicrobials dispensed in the U.S. are given to feed animals.

While only 20% are given to actual sick human beings.

So, in an attempt to rid me of my confusion, I was hoping that someone could slowly & clearly explain to me why our governments would focus on the small users of antibiotics (us), while the biggest users (Big Agri) get a pass?

Is it really so important to have $9.99 buckets of fried chicken?

Can someone explain that to me?


And explain it quickly….before someone else loses their father or mother or child.


3 thoughts on “Antibiotics, Drug Resistant Bacteria and Your Food

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