In 1965, researchers at the University of Florida (Go Gators) developed the first sports drink designed to replenish the fluid, carbohydrates and electrolytes that are dilost from the body during physical exertion.

And for 46 years, their creation – Gatorade – has reigned supreme as the #1 flavored sports drink.

Athletes (and non-athletes) around world chug down millions of bottles of neon colored Gatorade each year in an attempt to “recover” from their “intense” workouts.

Its combination of water, sugar, sodium and potassium has been designed to have a similar osmolarity as human blood…which is important because transferring fluids and nutrients to the blood is easiest when the composition of both is similar.

As a result of this freaky blood-like osmolarity, athletes absorb all that Gatorade goodness as quickly and efficiently as possible allowing them to train harder in their quest to “Be Like Mike”..or Lebron or Blake Griffin or…

But maybe not for much longer.

Erdinger, a Bavarian brewmeister, is touting its no-alcohol beer as the latest sport drink for athletes, handing it out at the finish line of sporting events and touting its regenerative benefits.

Unlike Gatorade, Erdinger Alkoholfrei is served up with a frothy head. And it comes in one color – a golden hue – unlike conventional sport drinks.

Several top athletes from Europe quaffed the beverage from giant mugs on the podium of the World Cup biathlons held this month in northern Maine.

The company touts the beverage as an isotonic (like Gatorade), vitamin-rich, no-additive beverage with natural regenerative powers that help athletes recover from a workout.

In other words, it’s carbohydrate-loaded refreshment without the alcoholic buzz of beer or the jitters caused by some energy drinks.

But…it’s still beer.

And I just can’t picture the average Gatorade customer cracking open a cold Erdinger in the middle of his/her health club after a grueling spinning and/or hot yoga session.

But then again, these maniacs seem to have no problem chugging down the brewskis after completing their Warrior Dash.



  • Associated Press