Last night, while watching CNN’s coverage of the Egyptian democracy protests, I was surprised by the following commercial.

Well, maybe not surprised. The placement of this commercial is actually quite smart.

Think about it….we’re sitting there watching ordinary Egyptian citizens stand up against 30 years of autocratic rule while being pelted with rocks by pro-government Agent Provocateurs.

If this was a made for tv movie, it would be clear who were the heroes and who were the villains.

  • Ordinary citizens – GOOD
  • Autocratic government – BAD

And this commercial is presenting the exact same message.

  • An ordinary American Mom trying to feed her family during a time of economic uncertainty – GOOD
  • A socialist government trying to control what Americans eat and drink with taxes – BAD

Perfect….a clear and concise message, delivered with a ton of emotion…and the timing couldn’t be better.

So, unless you’re a heartless SOB, you hopped immediately onto the interweb and surfed on over to

Where the webmaster has made it very easy for you to email…

  • Your US Senators
  • Your US Representative
  • Your Governor
  • Your State Senator
  • Your State Representative
  • .

    …the following message:

    Combating obesity and improving in the health of Americans are important goals, but there are better solutions to tackling obesity than discriminatory taxes on soda and juice drinks.

    Taxes on food and beverages will not make people healthier, but they will hurt American families struggling in tough economic times, like mine.

    Please reject taxes on food and beverages. Enough is enough!

    And as of this morning, 92,921 American patriots have stood up against unfair soda pop taxation and emailed their government representatives.

    WooHoo!!!!….way to go and stick it to the man.

    Of course…. I have to wonder if those 92,921 American anti-soda-tax patriots have any idea who paid for the commercial that got them to take action and stand up against big government.

    I wonder if they would feel different if they knew that this battle isn’t between taxpayer & big government…it’s between the American Beverage Association and big government.

    This isn’t a battle between David & Goliath.

    It’s Goliath vs Goliath.

    And both Goliaths want your money.