Yesterday, I wrote an article about Dr. Mark Haub and his 10 week experiment losing weight with a reduced calorie Twinkie Diet. In that article, I made some observations & conclusions about the short term success of the Twinkie Diet and it’s long term shortcomings.

And if my Google searches are accurate, so did about a bazillion other so-called health & nutrition experts.

In fact, all across the internet, it seemed like every doctor, trainer, dietitian, nutritionist, diet guru, talk show host and professional skinny person was issuing a warning to the world’s fat people not to be fooled by the allure of Dr. Haub’s Junk Food Diet.

And….I have to admit that I was one of those people.

Mister Smarty Pants Personal Trainer.

And then I read this comment from Nancy – one of my amazing readers.

I’m not sure why the ambivelant results here are a surprise. Isn’t this precisely what weight watchers is based on? Eat what you want within a caloric limit? The pre-packaged foods that weight watchers hawks, like smart ones and lean cuisines are also full of sugar, artificial sweeteners, freakey pseudo meats, added vitamin supplements, and the like. Those diets don’t seem so different to me and have exactly the same results in both their positive and negative effects.

I think that sometimes folks who are experts in fitness get religious about certain habits, and a word like Twinkie sparks a furious preachiness, when plenty of other folks are eating equally as gross foods that are not equally under fire (as in the aforementioned lean cuisine, which is perhaps sicker bc of its healthy food disguise).

As someone who has truly journeyed through weight loss, getting 10 tweets from 10 bloggers/doctors in a day about this Twinkie diet does not make me hate little Debbie snacks.

Three years ago, it would have made me want to eat a Twinkie, but today it simply makes me consider if this level of anger from the fitness world is a way of misplacing some other emotion, such as fear that our Twinkie eater may be on to something.

Perhaps in treating the obesity epidemic, a novel and easy approach such as a variation of this diet (a Twinkie for breakfast?) can benefit people more than something super strict that few people will stick with? If this is true, lots of fitness coaches may be looking at a loss of income soon, hence the fury? I don’t know– I just speculate

Way to go Nancy!!!!

That is precisely the slap in the face all health/fitness/nutrition “experts” need from time to time….myself included..

Over the past 50 years, there have been billions of dollars spent on weight loss products & services. And yet, the world keeps getting fatter and fatter.

  • Maybe it’s time for the experts to stop talking and start listening to those “fat people” who are paying their salaries.
  • Maybe it’s time for the know-it-alls to realize that maybe they don’t know-it-all.

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