Lose 21 pounds in 7 days….is a great big fat lie.

Unfortunately…it’s the kind of lie that the almost every successful health & fitness business uses to sell their products & services.

Because, as the saying goes, “if you want to succeed in business, it’s better to sell aspirin instead of vitamins.

Vitamins are fine; they’re healthy…they’re good for you. But aspirin cures your pain. Aspirin isn’t a nice-to-have kind of product, it’s a must-have kind of product.”

And if you’re selling health, fitness, weight loss, longevity, etc…. selling aspirin means selling:

  • Diet books that promise amazing results with little effort
  • TV shows like The Biggest Loser that promise amazing results in a very short time
  • Subliminal audio programs that will re-program your self-conscious mind to melt body-fat while you sleep
  • Health Club memberships that are big on promises and small on results
  • Cheap fitness equipment peddled on late night tv
  • Exercise videos starring ex porn stars
  • and, my favorite….supplements & drugs that promise amazing results with absolutely zero effort

And this brings me to my question o’ the day.

Is it possible to sell Health Habits as aspirin?

Because, right now…for most people….selling a healthy lifestyle is exactly like selling a vitamin. A great big horse-pill of a vitamin that reeks of vitamin B.