Pretty much everyone affiliated with the Tea Party movement hates “Obamacare”

To them, publicly funded health care means:

  • increased taxes
  • inferior health care services
  • a decreased level of American health & fitness
  • and an increase in big government gravedigger jobs

And they’re not happy about it.

But, thanks to their libertarian / Ayn Randian roots, a growing minority of Tea Partiers have decided to fight back by taking control of their own health & fitness.

Instead of waiting for an Obamacare Death Panel to come and put them out of their misery, top level Tea Partiers have already taken the first step by contacting yours truly and asking me to create a…

Tea Party Guide to Health & Fitness

For the past 3 months, we have been beta testing the program on a small number of Tea Party elite.

So far, things are going great.

A certain high ranking female member of the movement has whipped herself into a Wonder Woman-esque level of health & fitness, while another famous Tea Partier no longer gets winded during his radio show.

Blood pressures are down and bench press weights are up.

In short, it’s been a great success.