major league baseball teams up with michelle obama's let's move program in an attempt to reverse childhood obesity

Back in the day, America’s baseball players were fat & it’s children were fit.

Today, it’s the the ball players who are fit & the kids are fat.

But, maybe not for much longer.

Michelle Obama has enlisted Major League Baseball and its players’ association for a new public service advertising campaign to promote her program – Let’s Move –  and eliminate childhood obesity.

The campaign consists of a series of television and radio ads, customized for each of the league’s teams.

And I think that it’s a great idea.


It’s exactly what I was talking about when I wrote A Social Blueprint to Cure Obesity.

If we really want to end childhood obesity (adult obesity too), we need to make America’s youth believe that exercise & healthy eating is the cool thing to do.

Make fitness sexy…or extreme…or sick…or whatever they call “cool” nowadays (gawd I am getting old)

And that’s exactly what these ads do.

They take the love, admiration & respect America’s kids have for their baseball heroes and leverage those feelings to get the kids excited about health & fitness.

It is the essence of “Monkey See – Monkey Do” psychology.

Just imagine if they roll this campaign out to include other athletes, celebrities, movie stars, etc…

It may even work for the adults.


Here are the first two ads in the series.

New York Yankees

Baltimore Orioles

So, what do you think of that???