For years and years, health “experts” have been telling us that red meat is bad for our hearts.

  • Wives have been replacing their husbands’ T-Bones with steamed tofu cubes.
  • Girlfriends have been replacing the boyfriends’ burgers with chicken breast & pesto wrap sandwiches.

Well….no more.

the american heart association loves red meat

Today, the men of the world (and some of the women) are going to rise up and say no to steamed tofu cubes and dried out chicken breasts.

Today, we say yes to big juicy steaks and burgers dripping with saturated fat.

Because….according to the latest research, it is the consumption of processed meats, not red meats, that is associated with higher incidence of coronary heart disease (CHD) and diabetes.

The Science

According to their analysis:

  • Red meat has no statistical association with CHD, while
  • Each serving per day of processed meat is associated with a 42% higher risk of CHD
  • Red meat also has no statistical association with diabetes, while
  • Each serving per day of processed meat results in a 19% higher risk of diabetes


Steak & Veggies: GOOD

steak and vegetables are good for you

Cold Cut Sandwiches: BAD

processed meat cause coronary heart disease and diabetes
image: Wikipedia