Every once in a while, I do a review of a product or book that I like.

Today’s post is a review of Geneen Roth’s latest book – Women, Food and God.

And I am willing to bet that my review will probably be the only one written by a great big muscley 245 lb health & fitness blogger.

I am not exactly Ms. Roth’s target demographic.

And that’s okay.

Because, even though I wasn’t interested in the new-agey Oprah-esque multi-denominational God speak, this book struck me as being a powerful tool for every person who:

  1. Eats when they’re not hungry
  2. Eats too much food when they’re not hungry
  3. And beats the heck out of themselves for eating too much food when they’re not hungry

And that’s a heck of a lot of people.

In this book, Ms. Roth offers up her own unique version of mindfulness training as a way to not only help her readers regain control over their disordered eating patterns, but also by understanding why they eat the way they do, regain control over the thoughts, feelings and preconceptions that led them to overeating in the first place.



At least once a week, I get an email or comment from someone telling me that successful weight loss is as simple as “eat less & move more”.

I used to rebut these simplistic comments by launching into a spiel about disordered thoughts, emotions, brain chemicals, hormones, neural plasticity, etc…

But, not any longer.

The mind is quickly becoming the new frontier in obesity treatment. And as that frontier is examined, outdated beliefs such as calories in/calories out will eventually die off as being too simplistic.

And even if Ms. Roth’s new-agey approach may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the principles behind her approach are worthy of a serious look by anyone unhappy with the current relationship with food.

If that’s you, pick up a copy at your local library (free) or from amazon ($13)

For more info, I have included a video of Geneen discussing her book.