Chiturken Meatball Boats

I had a couple of reasons for doing this recipe. First off, 4th of July is next weekend and I always like to do some seasonal bbq food around this time. Secondly, and probably more importantly, I had this ginormous zucchini (courgette) growing in my garden that I needed to do something with before some little people decided to move into it.

I’ll be honest… I did think about letting it grow so I could enter it in the local county fair’s massive over-sized vegetable for no apparent reason competition, but since my missus put the kibosh on that idea,  instead I chose to do something novel and cooked it. Strange concept that.

I had decided to cook the meatballs anyway and instead of just showcasing them on a platter I figured I’d use my foot long zucchini as an edible serving dish. Genius I hear you say, why thank you very much. I tink so!

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