I like to visualize Ben Johnson crushing Carl Lewis when I do my HIIT sprints


More fat loss


Anything you want…go running/jogging, ride a bike or use any of the cardio equipment in your gym…exercise bike, treadmill, elliptical, stepper…


10 min gradually increasing the intensity level to a point that is approx. 60% of your maximum intensity (100% is a full out sprint)

The Workout

Do as many 10 second sprints in 20 minutes as possible

My personal best is 52

  • 1 sprint per min (10:50) = 20 sprints
  • 2 sprint per min (10:20) = 40 sprints
  • 3 sprint per min (10:10) = 60 sprints

Follow this up with 10-30 min of cardio at 60% of maximum intensity


Stretch, shower & go home