Waaaaayyy back in 1967, medical experts were concerned about the growing threat of childhood obesity. Little did they know that the “fat kids” from their time would be considered “normal” in 2010.

Don’t believe me?

I recently came across the following olde-tyme educational film from Great Britain (c 1967). The film documents the typical home life for Brits in the late 60s…including their attitudes towards food and meal times. It also addresses obesity in children.

A female GP narrates the story of three children who are overweight for their age stressing that although there may be some inherited causes of their obesity, it is mostly due to over-feeding on the part of the parents, what the GP calls a cruel kindness.

Cruel Kindness

What a great description.

  • Why do we feed our kids pizza instead of broccoli?
  • Why do we let them play hours & hours of XBox instead of kicking them outside to get some exercise (and a real life)?
  • Why have we let fast food become the largest food group?

Cruel Kindness

It’s easier to give them what they want, instead of what they need.

But that isn’t parenting…is it?

Enjoy the film.

Or better yet, talk to your children’s school about screening the film during phys. ed or science or during an assembly.