Over the past few years, a growing body of research indicates that acrilamyde (a substance produced when potatoes/corn et al are deep fried) can lead to heart disease, nervous system disorders and cancer.

Ironically, this means that the bag of potato and/or nacho chips you ate last night while watching House might just lead to a situation where you require the services of a real-life Greg House.

Ain’t irony grand?

Luckily for us Canadians, our socialized health care system has sprang into action and has devised a plan to solve this whole acrilamyde kerfluffle.

And how are they going to do this?

  • By implementing a public health campaign to reduce the consumption of crunchy snack foods?
  • By taxing products high in acrilamyde?


  • Health Canada wants snack food manufacturers to put small amounts of the enzyme asparaginase into their products prior to the deep frying process.

What is Asparaginase?

Asparaginase is an enzyme that hydrolyses an amino acid, asparagine, to aspartic acid by hydrolyzing the amide in free asparagine to the corresponding acid, aspartic acid.

This is a good thing.

Reduced levels of asparagine means reduced levels of acrylamide means reduced chance of heart disease, nervous system disorders and cancer.

Currently, asparaginase is injected into leukemia patients as a treatment for their cancer.


So this is what we’ve come to.

Instead of “not eating” foods that cause cancer, we choose to inject those foods with anti-cancer enzymes.


It won’t be long before every bag of nachos comes with it’s own pre-loaded syringe of asparaginase.

But, before that happens, Canadian health regulations require that before a new food additive is allowed to be used in Canada, a submission must be filed with Health Canada so the Department can conduct a safety evaluation of the proposed use(s) of the additive. Food manufacturers are not permitted to use the additive until the safety assessment has been completed by Health Canada and the Regulations are amended to formally enable its use…. blah, blah, blah…

As part of the evaluation process, Health Canada is soliciting comments from the public.

So, for all my Canadian readers, I urge you to take the time to shoot Health Canada an email and let them know if you want asparaginase injected into your nacho chips.

But before you send that email, here are some…

Points to Consider

  • Deep fried Potato/Nacho chips have high levels of acrilyamide
  • Acrylamide is linked to heart disease and cancer
  • You don’t want heart disease or cancer
  • Acrylamide researcher Dr. Lorelei Mucci says that acrylamide levels can be reduced by cooking chips at lower temperatures or by first soaking the chips in water to extract some of the sugar. Unfortunately, these techniques can affect the plesant odor, crispness or color of the finished product
  • Acrylamide levels can be reduced to 0% by not eating potato/nacho chips
  • Potato/Nacho chips make you fat and give you pimples.
  • Cool kids don’t eat potato/nacho chips


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