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The “experts” say that low income families have higher levels of obesity because “healthy” food is too expensive.

I say….B.S.

You can eat healthy on a small budget.

  • This free ebook from Kerry Taylor shows you how to eat healthy and save money.
  • This post from Mark’s Daily Apple shows you how to eat a paleo-style diet on the cheap.
  • The Eat Well guide helps you find healthy and affordable foods in your neighborhood (Thanks to the Healthy Irishman for putting me onto this resource)
  • Fitness magazine has a ton of money-saving, healthy dinner recipes – Buddha Stir-Fry $3.04

stir fry recipe

  • McDonalds does not – Big Mac combo $5.29

big mac combo

  • Kathy’s Healthy Food on a Budget blog is another fine resource
  • Jimmy Moore shows you how to eat low carb on a budget (sorry about the singing)

And what about the government’s involvement in the cost of healthy food?

government food subsidies

Billions of your tax dollars being spent on farm subsidies, and with less than 1% goes to America’s fruit & vegetable farmers…is it any wonder that a salad costs more than a Big Mac?

But, there is hope.

image: Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times
image: Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times

New York City is planning to “offer zoning and tax incentives to spur the development of full-service grocery stores that devote a certain amount of space to fresh produce, meats, dairy and other perishables”.

The plan — which has broad support among food policy experts, supermarket executives and City Council members, whose approval is needed — would permit developers to construct larger buildings than existing zoning would ordinarily allow, and give tax abatements and exemptions for approved stores in large swaths of northern Manhattan, central Brooklyn and the South Bronx, as well as downtown Jamaica in Queens….read more

So, there you go…no more excuses.

  • You can eat healthy while on a budget.
  • And if you want to save even more money, tell the senior levels of government how you would like to see your tax dollars spent (or not spent) on farm subsidies.
  • And then tell your municipal governments to create bylaws like NYC.


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