This post is for all of those people out there who watch The Biggest Loser.

STOP! x-weighted xweighted x weighted

TBL is BAD. biggest loser

But, luckily for you, I am here to help.

I am here to tell you about…


X-Weighted is such a perfect example of the difference between Canadian and American television programming.

Where The Biggest Loser is about quick results, X-Weighted is about long term success.

Where The Biggest Loser is about sound bites and perfect hair, X-Weighted is real.

And where The Biggest Loser is a worldwide ratings success, X-Weighted exists in relative obscurity.

Like most other weight loss reality shows, X-Weighted follows one or two people through their transformation from fat to slightly less fat.

The trainees receive help from personal trainers, nutritionists and various other medical personnel.

Unlike other shows, the stars of X-Weighted are followed for 6 whole months.

6 Months….enough time to make some real changes in your life.


Real people getting real results.

And if that isn’t enough for ya, you are going to love the host/celebrity trainer, Paul Plakas.

Personally, I don’t agree with all of his training/diet ideas. But, what I do like about Paul is that he is a real person. When I watch the show, it feels more like a documentary than a reality show, and Paul is a big part of that.


So, please…switch off The Biggest Loser and switch on X-Weighted

Here’s a link to X-Weighted episodes online.



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