Enough people have been asking for this chart, so here it is.

HealthHabits Diet Compliance Chart

This is a generic version that works with any type of diet.

As long as a meal follows the rules of your particular diet, you put a check in the appropriate box. If you cheat, you have to put an X in the box. Simple, but effective. Something about putting pen to paper makes your actions more permanent.

A chart full of checkmarks is very motivating, as is a chart full of Xs.

gold starBut, like any other tool, if you don’t use it, it won’t work.

Note – You don’t need to eat 6 meals a day.

Note – You can replace the Checks & Xs with Gold Stars if the child in you so desires.

healthhabits diet compliance chart

pdf version


Paleo Diet Compliance Chart

This is the chart that Mr.X is using.

The only difference between this chart and the generic version is the text at the top of the chart referring to the Paleo-style diet that I put him on.

paleo diet compliance chart 2

pdf version


Overview of Paleo Diet – 1 Month on the Paleo Diet

Just in case anyone is interested in giving Mr. Xs paleo style diet a try.

paleo diet overview - 1 month on the paleo diet

pdf version – includes compliance chart


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