Last week, a client of mine volunteered to act as my personal guinea pig for an completely un-scientific look at the effect of sugar and insulin on the human body.

The Experiment

From Monday to Thursday, my client (Mr.X) followed a diet consisting of fresh vegetables (no root vegetables or squash), berries, small amounts of nuts & seeds, unprocessed animal protein, unprocessed fats, salt, spices, coffee with cream, tea, water and 1 tbsp of fish oil per day.

From Friday to Sunday, he could eat whatever he wanted.

Come Monday morning, we would take some measurements and assess how his body responded to both diets.

The Back Story on Mr. X

First of all, I should mention that Mr.X is a frustrating client.

He has had great results in spite of ignoring at least half of my dietary recommendations. The SOB has lost over 25 lbs and gained 8 lbs of muscle in 4 1/2 months due mainly to his response to the training program. And because he has done so well, he thinks that he doesn’t need to change his eating to get the results he wants.

And I do.

Ergo, our little experiment. 2 guys with 2 big egos make a stupid bet.

I win and he follows the diet with no questions asked.

He wins and I train him for free for the next month (bye bye $960)


Monday was a breeze. He was motivated and followed the diet to the letter.

Tuesday was a little tougher. Cravings for his morning bagel and a date at an Italian restaurant made him cranky. I received an expletive filled email from the restaurant.

Wednesday & Thursday went great. He was starting to get used to the diet and he reported that his energy levels were higher throughout the day. I noticed an improvement in his anaerobic endurance during Wednesday’s workout.

Thursday evening was interesting. He actually began to plan out his meal plans for the coming three days. Like a kid the night before Christmas.

As well, on Thursday we measured his blood pressure & pulse rate – BP dropped from 118/76 to 112/71 and resting pulse from 66 to 58.

He lost 4 lbs.

And, we saw a 1/16″ decrease across his chest and 1/8″ around his love handle region

Next up, the weekend of carb binging.

Friday was interesting. Mr. X wasn’t really hungry. But he wanted to eat. So, instead of reverting to his usual bagel & coffee, he went to a restaurant for a pancake breakfast.

And here’s where things start to go downhill.

He actually fell asleep at work. Head on the desk. Snoring.

But, he woke up in time to go out for lunch with the gang at the office – Fried stuff and beer.

He managed to stay awake through the afternoon.

After work, he worked out with me…sort of. It was one of the worst workouts he has ever had. No energy. No strength. And he almost puked.


On Saturday, he slept in, skipped breakfast and had pizza for lunch. Dinner was bbq with salad.

Hmmm grilled meat and vegetables. Sounds like Mon-Thurs diet to me.

On Sunday, he felt better and his appetite was back. Breakfast was his bagel & coffee. Lunch was a sandwich with fries and dinner was pasta at another restaurant. Mr. X was back.

Follow Up

On Monday, we took the measurements again.

Love handles and chest measurements were back to normal.

Blood pressure and resting pulse were 130/87 and 71.  An increase of 18/16

He gained back the 4 lbs. + 2 more.

His face was bloated.

He had an intense craving for carbs, especially wheat products.

And he hadn’t pooped since Saturday.


The Mon-Thurs diet improved numerous markers of health, gave him more energy, improved his athletic performance and helped him drop more weight.

But, he did miss his morning bagel. Boo Hoo

Conversely, the Fri-Sun diet made him weaker, fatter, sicker and changed his hunger for carbs from a 5 out of 10 to a 9 out of 10.


Starting this week, Mr. X is back on the Mon-Thurs healthy diet full time.

I am using a compliance graph to help him stick to the diet. Kind of like gold stars on the fridge for grown-ups.

We will report back in a few weeks with his progress.

So, What does this mean to you?

It means that removing the sweets and processed carbs from your diet is the best thing you can do for your health and your appearance.


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