Are You Tough Enough for This Workout?

Are you tough enough to handle one of my custom HIIT/HIRT workouts?

And by handle the workout, I don’t mean just survive the workout. I mean, can you push yourself harder than you ever have before?

Can you kick my ass at this workout? Well, can you…punk?

The Workout

Part 1 – The HIIT.

30 minutes of HIIT sprints on a Stationary Bike

Note: These are short duration sprints – 10 sec. As such, they are to be performed at Maximum IntensityAnd when I say max intensity, I mean MAXIMUM INTENSITY.

      The 20 sec Active Rests should be performed at a 6-8 on the Borg Scale…very, very light effort.

Part 2 – The HIRT

This second part of the workout is a 10 Minute HIRT Circuit consisting of 3 exercises, performed back to back with no rest between sets. The goal is to complete as many reps as possible (AMRAP) in 10 minutes

Each set will consist of 5 reps performed in an explosive manner.We will be using bodyweight exercises.

  • Push-Up – 5 Reps per Set – As Many Sets As Possible in 10 minutes
  • Body-weight Row – 5 Reps per Set – As Many Sets As Possible in 10 minutes
  • Bulgarian Split Squat – 5 Reps per Set – As Many Sets As Possible in 10 minutes

For most, body-weight will be more than enough resistance. However, if you think you can handle it, feel free to add some resistance (weight vest, chains, bands, plates, dumbbells…your choice). But, I don’t want you sacrificing intensity & speed just to add some weight.

  • Remember, there is no rest between sets.
  • Perform all 3 exercises in the same spot.

I find that a Power Rack or Smith Machine works well for the Body-weight Rows. So, I just camp out there for the full 10 minutes using the bar (or a bench) for the Bulgarian Split Squats.

So, do you think you can kick my ass at this workout? Here’s how I did earlier today:

HIIT Sprints

      • All sprints completed as designed
      • Bike Resistance set at 80% of maximum
      • Fastest Revolutions per Leg in 10 seconds – 32 (3rd sprint)
      • Slowest Revolutions per Leg in 10 seconds – 24 (last sprint)

HIRT Workout

      • Push-Up – BW (248) + 20 lb Weight Vest for 100 reps
      • BW Row – BW (248) + 20 lb Weight Vest for 100 reps (Body held parallel to floor)
      • Bulgarian Split Squat – BW (248) + 20 lb Weight Vest + 25 lb plate for 105 reps per leg (Back leg on std. flat bench)

So, can you kick my ass?

PDF copy of the workout

8 thoughts on “Are You Tough Enough for This Workout?

  1. You bested me by significant margins!

    Push ups: 217lbs (BW) – 75 total
    Body Weight Rows: 220lbs* – 75 total
    BSS: 217lbs (BW) – 70 total

    *I don’t have a bar low enough to do BW rows, I used my bowflex with 220lbs of their resistance, locked legs and back, and performed rows that way. If I had to guess the bowflex 220lbs starts easier but ends harder than a real 220lbs at that level of bend occurring.

    Per HRM:
    827 calories burned
    150bpm avg
    196bpm max (new max HR for me by 2)
    1 minute recovery rate: 51 (183-132)

    Per Bike:
    5.8 miles


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