Last week, President Obama nominated Dr. Regina Benjamin for the position of Surgeon General. (video of the nomination)

Not exactly a sexy news story.

Until this happened…

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fox newsFox News must be really embarrassed by this.

I bet someone got fired for allowing this douchebag on the air.

I bet Cavuto totally freaked out off camera (ala Bill O’Reilly?).

Because, you know, Fox News is known around the world for being Fair and Balanced

It’s not as if knew that this Karolchyk guy has a bit of an issue with obesity.

It’s not as if they planned this good cop/ bad cop routine in advance.

I mean, how could they have known?

It’s not like Cavuto and this meathead have done this routine before.

It’s not as if someone from Fox would ever have vetted this guy and found these commercials he created to advertise his gym:


Just like these guys.

fox news douchbags


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