Cardio Workout Day

  • 30 min of steady state cardio at 60-70% intensity (recumbant stationary bike)
  • 20 min of HIIT sprints on the bike – 90-100% intensity (alternating 10 sec, 15 sec & 20 second sprints – recovery times were 50, 45 & 40 seconds respectively)
  • 10 min of steady state cardio @ 50% intensity
  • 15 min of stretching + foam roller work on my IT Bands


Read a little of Dr. Natasha Turner’s “The Hormone Diet” during the first 30 min on the bike. Pretty good so far. This book is selling well in Canada but barely making a dent in the States. Too bad. Good stuff. I will be reviewing this book along with the Jillian Michaels book.