This story is for all of those people out there who have already given up on their New Year’s Resolution to finally lose that extra 20 lbs.

Maybe you gave up on the diet because there just wasn’t enough time in the day to prepare healthy meals to take to work.

Or maybe, you had to take the kids to hockey practice and had no choice but to stop at Timmy’s and grab a double double and some Timbits.

Or maybe, you just needed a motivational kick in the pants to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Consider this story your kick in the pants.

Your New Weight Loss Hero: David Smith

In only 26 months, David Smith managed to streamline his body from a gargantuan 630 lbs to a trim and fit 229 lbs.

And it wasn’t easy.

Losing 401 lbs. of body-fat is a very complicated experience. David didn’t get to 630 lbs. without picking up a whole bunch of emotional baggage along the way.

His transformation involved a lot more than burning off body-fat.

In his own words:

‘I had been overweight all my life.

‘I would have sticks and stones and dog mess thrown at me and I would be spat on.
I’ve had a broken arm and black eyes because people didn’t like me because of my weight.

‘It got so bad that I didn’t want to leave the house and I didn’t even feel comfortable in my own backyard until it was dark out.

‘I felt like I deserved as much pain as possible and I wanted to kill myself.

But one day, he took the first step and reached out for help.

He sent an e-mail to Chris Powell, fitness correspondent for Good Morning Arizona, a local news broadcast on KTVK, in Phoenix.

Powell paid Smith a visit. “We were both probably thinking: what are we getting ourselves into right here? There would be no way I’d have anything in common with this guy,” Smith said.

Powell, a former Cosmo magazine bachelor, was socially confident. But now he was trying to get through to this painfully shy man.

“I didn’t know what 600 pounds looked like,” Powell said. “He couldn’t really look me in the eye. He was just so broken. He really didn’t know what to say or what to do.”

Despite their initial awkward meeting, they made a deal.

Smith committed to losing the pounds and Powell agreed to stick with him as long as Smith didn’t give up. And 26 months later, David Smith was 401 pounds lighter.

‘The first few months were really hard, Chris would be telling me that I was doing really well and I was losing weight – but when I looked in the mirror I saw someone weighing more.

‘To begin with the training was really tough, at my heaviest I struggled to walk five feet without becoming out of breath.

‘Slowly, though, I got better and managed to do more and more and the flab was literally falling off me.


  • David Smith lost 401 pounds.
  • I am sure that he had lots of excuses not to eat right or exercise.
  • And yet, he lost 401 pounds.

So, put down that bag of chips and get to sweating.


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