You are not going to believe this but, according to some startling new research, there is a direct connection between an adult’s propensity to put on weight and our early childhood diet.

I know, I know. Who would have guessed that feeding your baby Big Macs and washing them down with Super Big Gulps could result in them having a “weight issue” as an adult?

Who could have guessed that?

Certainly not the parents of the kids in this video. (sorry about the music)

The Research

University of Calgary researcher, Dr. Raylene Reimer is a leader in the growing field of epigenetics. Her personal area of expertise is the developmental origins of health and disease. “Researchers in this area believe our pre-natal and early childhood environment influences our future risk of developing conditions like cardio-vascular disease, obesity and diabetes”.

“My research has shown that the food we eat changes how active certain genes in our body are – what we call genetic expression. In particular we believe that our diet has a direct influence on the genes that control how our bodies store and use nutrients,” says Reimer.

“There’s a growing body of work that indicates a relationship between our health as adults and our early diet, and even our mother’s diet. This research shows for the first time that our early childhood diet may have a huge impact on our health as adults.”

This research dovetails nicely with the previous studies which showed that:

  • baby_smokingBabies who smoke cigarettes are more likely to develop lung cancer
  • Babies who do shots of tequila with their parents are more likely to become alcoholics, and
  • Babies who drive automobiles without wearing a seat belt are more likely to be involved in traffic accidents


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