A quick dip into the frigid water, and he lost 80 lbs and found the girl of his dreams
Gus couldn’t believe his luck:  A quick dip into the frigid water, and he lost 90 lbs and found the girl of his dreams

Researchers at the Karolinska Institute  may have discovered the holy grail of fat loss.

The only problem?

In order for their plan to work, dieters may be required to subject their chubby love handles and thunder thighs to extremely low temperatures.

The Research


In their study, the researchers found that “mice exposed to low temperatures develop more blood vessels in their adipose tissue and metabolize body fat more quickly.”

Prior studies told the researchers that the growth of fat cells depends on oxygen and blood-borne nutrients. So, because of that discovery, they theorized that body fat loss can be manipulated by altering the development of blood vessels in the fat itself.

To test this theory, they exposed a group of “pleasantly plump” mice to a low temperature environment.

  • This resulted in the mice developing new blood vessels in their fat tissue.
  • This resulted in the transformation of Mickey’s normal “white” fat into the more metabolically active “brown” fat.
  • And since brown fat breaks down more quickly than white fat, the fat mice became skinny mice.

What does this mean for us?


frying-baconThe big brains at Karolinska believe that by increasing the blood vessel development in your fat tissue, you should be able to melt off your body-fat faster than a pound of bacon hitting a hot griddle.

The bad news?

This is very early in the research and a treatment is years away at best….if ever.

So, what now?

Maybe we should try taking a cue from Big Gus and join the local Polar Bear club….just kidding, that cold water could give you a heart attack.


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