In yesterday’s post, I wrote about a recent study (by researcher Dr. Steven Toepfer) which showed that the SECRET to HAPPINESS is GRATITUDE.

All that research got me thinking…Which scenario is better for your health / longevity?

  1. To be overweight, but happy, or
  2. To be lean but unhappy

After an informal poll, I discovered that an overwhelming number of people think that happiness is more important than a healthy bodyweight when it comes to your overall health and longevity. And I would have to agree with the majority.

In response to my findings, I thought that I should present a little more information about the psychology of happiness.

Here are some of my favorite speakers on the psycology of happiness:

Tal Ben Shahar – Positive Psychology

Shawn Achor – Positive Psychology

Robert Holden – The Happiness Project


Martin Seligman – The Father of Positive Psychology

Link to Dr. Seligman's talk at TED

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