Able to reduce a Glycemic Index in a simgle bound...
Able to reduce a Glycemic Index in a single bound...

Researchers at the National Institute for Agricultural Botany in the U.K. have produced a genetically modified form of SUPER wheat.

This wheat has the SUPER ability to release fewer calories into the body compared to other varieties of wheat created by God or man.

Yay, scientists!!!

So, how does it work?

According to this article, “The new wheat has been engineered to produce a form of starch, known as resistance starch, that is harder for the body to break down in the stomach. When the wheat is milled, processed and cooked it retains this resistance to digestion, unlike flour containing normal starch”.

Let’s hope this resistance to digestion is easy on the digestive system and doesn’t result in any embarrassing Xenical/Orlistat/Alli episodes.

“The scientists, who are developing the wheat as part of a three year research project into new starch products, are now planning to test the fat fighting wheat to see if can produce good quality products like bread”.

“They also hope to find ways of creating the new crop without using genetic modification, as GM crops are currently banned from being grown for human consumption in the UK”.

But not in North America…


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