Without a doubt, the Atkins Diet is the most controversial weight loss plan of all time….Whether you love it or hate it, anybody with a few extra pounds on their body knows about Atkins.

  • They know that Atkins is low carb.
  • They know that Atkins gets rid of body fat faster than any other diet.
  • They know that doctors hate it
  • and they probably believe that it probably kill them by clogging their arteries with cholesterol.

Better Atkins Diet

They also know that Robert Atkins got very rich selling low carb books and videos and processed Atkins-approved food products.

Looking For A Better Atkins Diet
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Q.   And why did old Doc Atkins get rich???

A.   Because it worked.

No other diet comes close to Atkins in terms of melting off large amounts of body-fat in a short period of time.

And if for just one short minute, all the Atkins-haters could put down their stereotypes about pork rinds and cholesterol and bacon and the threats of cardio-vascular disease and the cheddar cheese and sausages and the grease… We can take an honest look at what Atkins really saying.

Let’s take a look at Phase 1 or the Induction Phase of Atkins’ plan.

Looking For A Better Atkins Diet


  • For 14 days, you eat only 20 grams or 80 calories of carbohydrates.
  • You can have as much protein and fat as you desired, but only 20 grams of carbs.

What does that mean?   What can you eat?   What should your meals look like on Phase 1?

Looking For A Better Atkins Diet

Looking For A Better Atkins Diet

Specifically, what kind of carbs could you eat on Phase 1?

Looking For A Better Atkins Diet

And how much of those carbs can you get for your daily allowed 20 grams?

Looking For A Better Atkins Diet If we take a look at my own list of “favorite” low density carbs, we can see just how much actual food you can get from your allowed 20 grams of carbs…

  • 8 avocados, or
  • 64 spears of asparagus, or
  • 6 cups of cucumber, or
  • 44 cups of iceberg lettuce, or
  • 52 cups of spinach, or
  • 400 radishes, or…well you get the point.

44 cups of lettuce…that is a lot of salad…all for just 20 grams of carbs.

So…what happens after the 14 days of low carb hell that old Doc Atkins just put you through?

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