Stand Up Straight…your posture is making you look short and fat

Is Your Poor Posture Making You Look Short and Fat?

Two of the most common postural flaws I see are:

Postural Flaw #1  –  Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Which leads to Lordosis

Unfortunately, Anterior Pelvic tilt & Lordosis manifest themselves as a protruding Gut and Butt. And no one likes that.

Postural Flaw #2  –  Kyphosis

Kyphosis and a ‘forward head’ position makes you look hunched over and appear shorter. And once again, no one wants that.

your posture is making you look short and fat

But wait…it gets worse

When you are unwise enough to put kyphosis together with lordosis, you end up with…

  • the whole looking fat and short thing PLUS,
  • headaches,
  • neck pain,
  • bicep tendinitis,
  • dry mouth,
  • pain under the shoulder blades,
  • mid back pain, lower back pain,
  • lateral knee pain,
  • torn knee ligaments,
  • hamstring tears,
  • plantar fasciitis and
  • sciatica.


This is what you should look like.

Here is a postural analysis video that should provide additional detail.

So What Do I Do About It?

The short answer is that you need to stretch some muscles:

  • Psoas
  • Iliacus
  • Rectus Femoris
  • Tensor Fascia Latae
  • Spinal Erectors (special care here)
  • Pectoralis Major
  • Latissimus Dorsi
  • Teres Major
  • Anterior Deltoid
  • Subscapularis
  • Upper Trapezius
  • Levator Scapulae
  • Suboccipitals
  • Sternocleidomastoid

and strengthen other muscles:

  • Rectus Abdominis
  • External Obliques
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Mid/Lower Trapezius
  • Rhomboids
  • Pectoralis Minor

The long answer will require you visiting a physiotherapist or an osteopath or some other postural guru.


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0 thoughts on “Stand Up Straight…your posture is making you look short and fat

  1. well I’ll be damned.

    welcome to the wonderful world of posture!

    that was an interesting post…and lots of food for thought. there’s more to “stand up straight” then i originally thought. 😉

  2. I have been having back pain for years. 37 and a runner about 15 miles a week. i sit at a desk during the day. thought it was the running maybe it is the sitting. this article makes a lot of sense about the tilt of the pelvis. helpful stuff. thanks.

  3. I have horrible posture and am well aware of it’s effects on my appearance overall, but I’m just awful at correcting it. A close friend of mine is an acupuncturist
    and said fascial tissue can get “stuck” after so many years of habitualbad posture, and she suggested 10 or 12 sessions of Rolfing or myofascial massage. Since I have been losing a lot of weight and exercising a lot this last year, some regular body work might be a good idea anyway. I’d love to hear if anyone has any experience with the above types or anything else.

  4. I love your post. You have enough detail about proper posture that anyone can understand. I was going to put something like this on my site haven’t had time.
    Keep up the great work.

  5. This is the best post on the topic that I have seen. I know my posture leaves much to be desired and I try to get my kids to watch their posture too. Doesn’t help that we are a pretty short family to start with! LOL!