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 Behaviour Modification Techniques

From 1895 to 1919, a man named Horace Fletcher popularized a method of eating that promised weight loss, greater health and an abundance of energy. His practice was called Fletcherizing. Practitioners of his method were called Fletcherizers.

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The secret of Fletcher’s method – chew each bite of food until it liquifies in your mouth.

In 2008, a modified version of this technique is part of Paul McKenna’s “I Can Make You Thin” program.

The theory is that by chewing your food until it is liquid, you cause the satiety centres in your brain to send out the “I’m full” signal before you have eaten too many calories. While the focus is still on reducing caloric consumption, you don’t have to actually count calories.

Another behaviour modification technique comes from the field of psychology. Psychologists (see Judith Beck) are teaching cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to clients trying to lose weight.

The step by step approach of CBT allows you to make gradual changes to your thoughts and behaviours. Over time, Beck’s techniques build upon themselves and “lead you to make the psychological changes you need to be satisfied with your food choices, your ultimate weight and yourself.”

For more info on CBT for weight loss, check out Think Yourself Thin….The Complete Beck Diet for Life

The third method of behaviour modification that we’re going to discuss is easily the most disgusting…


Yup…you read that right. Tapeworms. And don’t think this is just some crazy things people did back in the olden days. People are still doing this today..buying tapeworm “pills” over the internet so that they can lose weight without counting calories, restricting carbs or even exercising…never mind the fact that  “ingesting tapeworms is extremely risky and can cause a wide range of undesirable side effects, including rare deaths.”

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