Is Bread Healthy?

Eat bread and grow up to be a super-athlete like Sidney Crosby

The processed food industry isn’t happy with us.

  • They are not happy how they are being blamed for the obesity epidemic.
  • They are not happy how “normal” people are starting to listen to us health nuts.
  • They are not happy being portrayed as the bad guy
  • And they are really, really not happy that a growing percentage of us are buying less of their products.

It’s that hit to their bottom line that is forcing them to respond to this darn “healthy eating” epidemic.

Yesterday, Coca-Cola released a commercial highlighting all of the steps they have “voluntarily” taken to help reverse the global obesity epidemic.

Today, we’re going to look at a commercial produced by Dempster’s Bread…designed to convince you that bread is just as healthy as fruits and vegetables.

Huh…maybe Gandhi had it right.

While the processed food industry is still fighting hard to protect their market share, they sure aren’t ignoring or laughing at us health nuts anymore.

Gandhi says “Just say NO to junk food”

So, what do you think?

  • Is bread healthy?
  • Is it as healthy as fruits & vegetables?
  • Is it tasty with some bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes shoved between two slices?

7 thoughts on “Is Bread Healthy?

  1. No, not healthy. The wheat that is grown today has been genetically modified (dwarf wheat) for bigger yields and has a higher glycemic index rating than sucrose (table sugar), among many other problems with it. I don’t care if it’s “whole grain”, “7 grain” “All natural” “whole wheat” etc. It’s not the wheat our great grand parents ate.

  2. Whole grains are part of a health-supporting diet, but not necessarily as bread. I work with very overweight people who usually have trouble managing certain foods and bread is a very common problem that is better off eliminated. I advise my clients to find whole grains that don’t hit their carb triggers. I will recommend quinoa or even amaranth.

  3. Bread is most definitely NOT healthy. The vitamins and minerals are mostly added, and now we are just finding out how very little of the “nutrients” are actually bio-available. Real, whole foods, on the other hand, have built-in bio-availability of their nutrients.

  4. I’ve always thought that as long as the first ingredient is a whole grain and the high fructose corn syrup is absent in the ingredients (or very low on the list) the bread was alright to eat. Is that correct?

  5. Bread is not good and is best left alone. Grains do nothing but spike insulin and Gluten is only good for messing up your gut. We are so trained to eat this stuff and it’s so inbuilt in us from a young age, it’s crazy.

  6. Personally I would avoid bread. It may be ok for many to eat, but when food is containg less nutrients and more artificial chemicals, we need to get all the high quality nutrition we can! Bread isn’t very nutrient dense, and there are much better alternatives.

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