Coca-Cola Cares About Your Health???

For years, Coca-Cola and their competitors have been taking a beating for producing high calorie/low nutrition products. They have politicians lining up against them (see Michael Bloomberg)…they have parent organizations coming after them…they have the press kicking them when they’re down…and of course, they have the medical community up in arms against them.


And all this abuse is actually having an effect. Coca-Cola seem to be finally coming around to the fact that…

  1. We have a collective problem with obesity
  2. Food producers shoulder some of the blame
  3. There is money to be made selling low-calorie products
  4. There is money to be lost if they try to ignore this problem

And since they are in business to make money, they have been making changes to their product lineup…..and they want you to know about it.

This commercial will begin airing tonight across all the major US cable news networks.

What do you think?

  • Does Coca-Cola deserve some credit for recognizing and trying to correct their role in creating an obesity epidemic?


  • This is unbelievable, just what this world needed! Thanks for sharing and I put a short piece on my blog as well and added the link to rest of the story here on your blog. Hope you do not mind, but people need to read this. Again thank you for a wonderful informing post!!

  • Yeah, let’s make money filling kids up with artificial crap! Don’t try to act like its anything but junk food. No nutritional value

  • So now they will be promoting artificially sweetened drinks as a healthier option? Not so….

  • Yes, I think they deserve some credit. Something is better than nothing. Also, I think your “Coca Cola Kills” graphic is stupid, ridiculous, and over-dramatic.

  • Soft drinks are really not good for our body and health but we cannot deny the fact, there are many times we love to drink them especially during hot seasons or during a meal. We should do it in moderation, or drink only sometimes or occasionally. I think Coca-cola deserves some credit but not a great one.

  • Not at all dramatic. It’s a fact these colas are some of the most acidic substances we can put in our bodies. What loves to live in acidic terrains?
    Cancer cells. Colas cause dis-ease.

  • Your graphic is disgusting!! I give kudos to the Coca Cola Company for their new ads and honesty!!

  • ROTFLMAO!! Classic damage control from a global company that is jumping late on the healthy living band wagon because they are afraid of the risk to their market share. But really, they’re just continuing to drag out the same old problem that they are partially responsible for creating, along with all of the other food companies that have been telling us for only the last 50 or so years to consume large quantities of processed foods.

  • Thanks for your post. I think it is time to takte responsibility for your own health instead of expecting that the companies will do that. Everybody knows that cola is unhealthy and contains phosphoric acid.

  • Companies like coca-cola are not there to be ethical, they are there to make profit – so I think this marketing campaign is BS. In the early days, maybe a Coke was a treat, for once every special occasion (long time ago). At this rate it didn’t present any danger I guess. Now it has developed into a mainstream drink. It’s the core of their business, along with other soft drinks. What can they do? Stop producing it and lose money?They try to look like the good guys by saying they care – it’s the fashion these days to look ethically and organically correct – but if they did – they would probably have to auto-destruct.

    This said, what you think or not of Coca-cola should not be relevant. The power is in your hands. Coca-Cola doesn’t provide any nutritional value, and it’s not hard to figure it out, while its adverse health effects are discussed again and again. The simple answer is to stop buying it and stop drinking it! We don’t need these guys to stop producing, or the government to de-legalize coca-cola. We just need to stop buying it. Even if it’s hard. I like Coca-Cola taste too, and even the Diet version – but I try hard to avoid it, maybe I have a can every week and I know it’s probably doing me harm to drink it.

    Problem 1 is when it is cheaper to buy Coke than water – because financially struggling people will then chose the cheaper option.
    Problem 2 is to leave it in schools, because you cannot expect kids to start thinking so far about their health and they develop an habit.

    There should be free, safe drinking water for people to refill their re-usable bottles, instead of coke machines everywhere.

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