Paleo Dessert Recipes Vol.6

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Bon appetit





  • Paleo Chocolate Cereal


  • Paleo Chocolate Fudge Coconut Bars


  • These recipes are not Paleo. The Chestnut Brownies contain butter – dairy is not permitted on the paleo diet. Also, nearly all of the recipes contain honey which is not paleo either. While I would agree that these are healthier desserts, this is a highly misleading blog post.

  • That’s a pretty easy substitution…palm oil, coconut oil

    Us Paleos are adaptable

  • Curious how to figure out the calorie and nutrition info for some of these deliciousNess deserts????

  • Sure, you can substitute or leave those ingredients out, but in the case of your Brownie, you are going to end up with a completely different flavor since only 3 of 7 ingredients are paleo. I think that it would be cool to post actual paleo recipes that have been tested and taste decent:

    “Paleo Brownies” ( 3 of 7 Paleo Ingredients )
    Paleo 14 large chestnuts, roasted and peeled
    NO (contains dairy) 1/4 cup butter
    Paleo 1/2 cup cocoa powder
    NO (contains alcohol) 1 tsp vanilla extract
    NO (high glycemic index) 4 tbsps honey
    NO (contains dairy) 3oz dark chocolate
    Paleo 3 large eggs, separated

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