5 Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving Dinner

Today is Thanksgiving. That means…

  • Food
  • Football
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Food
  • Sitting for hours on the couch
  • and more food.

Today’s article is for everyone who wants to thoroughly enjoy Thanksgiving…without gaining 50 pounds and feeling like crap for the rest of the week.

Tip #1 – Hydrate Yourself with Water

  • Keep a glass of water withing reach all day… and keep drinking from it.

With all of those awesome Thanksgiving dinner smells wafting throughout the house, your brain will be telling you that you’re extremely hungry and that you need to eat. Hormones WILL be secreting and neurochemicals will be doing whatever it is that they do.

To strike back, you’re going to keep raising a glass of water to your lips and keeping pouring zero calorie fluids down your throat. This is going to help counteract those neurochemicals & hormone secretions.

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  • This is coming round again soon… better to prepare at the start of November than leave it till last minute

  • and then Xmas..and New Years…and Super Bowl..and Easter…

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