A Health Habits Plan to Eliminate Obesity – Part 2


A few days ago, I published Part 1 of my Health Habits Plan to Eliminate Obesity

In that post, I identified the two main causes for obesity:

  1. Medical causes which require medical intervention – ie pharmaceuticals or surgery
  2. Lifestyle causes – ie lack of exercise, overeating, junk food, etc

I also highlighted the three main targets for modifying the lifestyle causes of obesity:

  1. Lack of Knowledge
  2. Lack of Resources
  3. Lack of Motivation

And finally, I hypothesized that when it comes to lifestyle modification, there will never be a magic bullet solution for obesity

What’s required is a comprehensive approach that can satisfy the causes I listed above.

  • Lack of Knowledge
  • Lack of Resources
  • Lack of Motivation

Today, I am going to put my ego on the line and start laying out a plan that I think could:

  • Make use of already available expert knowledge
  • Allow small businesses to flourish
  • Improve the image of the corporate business sector
  • Reduce health care costs across the board – gov’t, business, insurance & end user
  • Improve municipal infrastructure
  • Cost the public sector next to nothing
  • Spark our motivation to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Encourage us all to take ownership of our own health
  • Reduce levels of chronic disease,
  • Improve levels of physical fitness, and
  • Drastically reduce levels of obesity

The Plan

As it stands right now, if you want access to the information, resources and motivation required to lose 50 lbs and get into great shape, it helps to have money…lots of money.

For personal trainers, nutritionists, uber-healthy food, supplements, lifestyle coaching, etc…

  • What if we could offer those services in every neighborhood around the country for next to nothing?

Wouldn’t that help with our lack of knowledge and lack of resources?

  • And what if every time you turned on your tv set or surfed the net, you were bombarded with healthy lifestyle advertising created by the world’s best marketing companies featuring the world’s biggest celebrities.

We live in a world where we are convinced to buy stuff that we don’t need but are told that we should want. What would happen if those same companies tried to sell us on a healthy lifestyle?

We’re not talking “say No to Drugs” PSAs…we’re talking big multimedia advertising campaigns boring their message directly into our influential little brains.

Wouldn’t that help with our lack of motivation?

What if I told you that there were already programs like this popping up around the country…but they suffer from a lack of scale, a lack of proper management, a lack of influence, a lack of awareness and a lack of money.

But not for much longer.

Everyday there is a bunch of stories in the news about obesity….from which country is the fattest, to an 8 year old boy being taken from his mother because he’s too fat…obesity has become a major topic of discussion around the world.

0 thoughts on “A Health Habits Plan to Eliminate Obesity – Part 2

  1. I think its a great idea, but the only way to get media and corporations headed towards promoting health, is showing them the profits they can make doing so. Maybe it should not be this way, but it is just the fact of life. If you sold products to make ends meet, wouldn’t you try to sell the easiest products to sell over the harder (but maybe more ethical) products? Most people would go for the maximum $ with minimum work.

    I think its starting to catch on about being healthy, at least here in my state, everywhere I go the supermarkets now has a “mini whole foods” type area. I can get grass fed beef at a few locations, and raw dairy at others. It is still too expensive, but the cost/margins are always going to be much greater on things like meat – when your comparing letting cows grow/eat normally versus injecting hormones and feeding grains to fatten them up (thus getting more $ per cow).

    If there was free counseling and coaching, that is great but it has to be paid for by someone – and who is “right” on what is said in those places? You could have a lot of “low fat, high carb” people telling carb sensitive individuals to eat massive amounts of carbs and yelling at them for “lying” about the fat they eat. What about people who are naturally sprinters, and what if the “program” is endurance activities to “get that fat burn” and so forth. If its going to be communally paid for – you need a wide range of coaches and counselors that are able to work with varied types of people. One size fits all – eat less, move more – doesn’t work for everyone.

    1. Without spilling the beans…

      My plan relies exactly on that profit motive to “encourage” the business sector to come on board.

      Re payment for health/fitness services, the idea is to have users pay a small portion (people don’t respect free) and have business/gov’t interests cover the rest. Once again, don’t want to spill the beans

      Re deciding on which services are chosen (who is right), that will be based entirely on results – using participation stats, health/fitness goals, etc. If the program works, they get paid. Low carb, low fat, CBT, calorie counting, exercise, no – exercise is less important than results

      At least that’s the plan

  2. I think there is some good information here. The biggest part for me is the lack of credible information available on the internet. There are a lot of different ways to lose weight but which ways are the healthy ones?

    I also agree the other big deterrent from losing weight is motivation. Our society is lazy. People want to lose weight but they want to do it while sitting at home eating the same foods. That’s not going to happen. Getting a great education about the foods your eating and the exercises that will help to obtain your goal will help you towards your goal. But that still leaves motivation. That should come from a couple of different sources but it will be different for everyone. If you really want to lose weight then get educated and set goals for yourself.

  3. Yeah, turn around Federal subsidies around and you have a fighting chance — rather than give farmers money to make cheap corn/grains which enable cheap high fructose corn syrup which allows cheap sweet fast food, give the subsidies to veggie, fruit and nut farmers plus to educators/coaches.
    But try to get the paid-for politicians to do that!
    My 2 cents.

  4. We are trying to do something like that here in the UK. After developing angina 2 years ago, I set up a company selling mini exercise bikes to help people keep fit and burn up calories any time, in the comfort of their own home.

    The UK is the ‘fattest nation in Europe’ so we are trying to get a mini exercise bike into every home to make it easy and convenient for people to keep fit. It couldn’t be simpler as they can even do it while watching TV!

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