ADIPOTIDE : Snake Oil or Miracle Weight Loss Pill?


The anti-obesity industry is all abuzz about a bright & shiny new weight loss drug called Adipotide.

In a recent study, obese rhesus monkeys….

  • lost 11% of their total body weight, and
  • 27% of their belly fat mass

….in just four weeks of Adipotide treatment.

And while that’s pretty impressive, what really gets me excited about Adipotide  is how it works.

Where other miracle “fat pills” have tried to reduce obesity by:

  1. controlling appetite
  2. increasing metabolism
  3. or preventing absorption of dietary fat

Adipotide works by:

  1. cutting off the blood supply to fat cells by means of a “homing agent that binds to a protein on the surface of fat-supporting blood vessels
  2. and a synthetic peptide that triggers cell death

The result of this is that when the supporting blood vessels have died and withered away, the offending fat cells are starved, reabsorbed and metabolized.

And the fat monkeys become fit monkeys

And it’s not just fat loss.

In this latest study, the obese monkeys saw a drastic improvement in insulin sensitivity and metabolic syndrome symptoms.

What about side effects?

Monkeys in the studies remained bright and alert throughout, interacting with caretakers and demonstrating no signs of nausea or food avoidance. This is potentially an important finding since unpleasant side-effects have limited the use of approved drugs that reduce fat absorption in the intestines.

The principal side effects were noted in the kidneys. “The renal effect was dose-dependent, predictable and reversible,” Barnhart noted.

What about human studies?

It turns out that Adipotide is not the first drug developed using this research.

The researcher’s original work focused on cutting off the blood supply of prostate cancer cells. During this cancer research they found that “blood vessels are more than a uniform and ubiquitous “pipeline” that serves the circulatory system, but differ depending on the organ or tissue that they support” .

This allowed them to design a method of screening peptides – small bits of proteins – and to identify those that bind to specific vascular cells among the many possible “ZIP codes” present in a human vascular map.

For blood vessels that support fat cells, the target protein is prohibitin, which they found in unusual abundance on the blood vessel cell surface.

Based on this discovery, the researchers are preparing for a clinical trial in which obese prostate cancer patients would receive daily injections of Adipotide for 28 consecutive days.

The goal of the study is to see if their prostate cancer becomes better as their body weight and associated health risks are improved.

Future studies focused solely on weight loss are in the planning stage.

So what does this mean to you?

For now…not a whole heck of a lot.

If Adipotide does turn out to be a miracle weight loss pill, it’s going to be a long time before you’ll be able to get a prescription.

But….it is the first sign of ingenuity I have seen coming from weight loss researchers in a long time.

Kinda funny that they’re actually cancer researchers.


0 thoughts on “ADIPOTIDE : Snake Oil or Miracle Weight Loss Pill?

  1. Very interesting, I have always agreed that having excess fat changes your entire hormone profile in the body (higher insulin due to resistance, higher estrogen due to aromatase actions in fat cells, etc..) – so finding a way to limit fat’s resources and even its life may be a novel approach to helping many of those with trouble losing weight to do so.

    I think more and more people are beginning to realize that “eat less move more” doesn’t work 100% for everyone – especially when considering long term results. Our bodies fight us from being lean, I have seen studies where even when people lose fat their hormones regulating appetite is still the same level as when they were fat and sometimes higher, so if you instinct feed to fullness you will eventually end back where you started. Also our environments fight us too (cheap easy quick processed foods with additives that are truly addictive, hormone issues with excess weight, healthy lifestyle is more work and sometimes more expensive, phyto/psuedo estrogens in foods/plastics, etc..). If something like this can help people transition from obese to overweight, and perhaps from overweight to proper weight its one more tool to fight the 100’s of other things that have to be fought to get to and maintain ideal weights.

  2. When will the research begin with humans. And will Adipose Industries be looking for volunteers to participate in the research if so I would like to find out who to contact about it.

  3. Can any one expert say what is the component of this medicine? is it a natural substance? chemical?..Because our medicine is full of frued. It is not surprising to come later a news telling us this medicine is a carcinogenic too!!.

    The authorities should take action to release these medicine early as no equivalent.

  4. Protein is very important for our bodies to remain healthy and balanced. A good balanced diet containing the proper amounts of protein effects your internal organs, hair, skin and muscles. Did you know that you must replenish protein on a daily basis as it’s used up to replenish nails, skin and hair?

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  5. Protein is very important for our bodies to remain healthy and balanced. A good balanced diet containing the proper amounts of protein effects your internal organs, hair, skin and muscles. Did you know that you must replenish protein on a daily basis as it’s used up to replenish nails, skin and hair?

  6. The website is not associated with the company that is testing the drug. They are a completely different business which is weird. David, if you want to contact them for clinical trials I think you need to do it through the University of Texas, don’t try to do it through the website above, they will not answer.

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