Your Best Body Workout – 2011 – Week 1 – Day 2

“The Athlete” by Howard Schartz and Beverly Ornstein

“The Athlete” by Howard Schartz and Beverly Ornstein



Feel free to mix things up during the warm-up. The goal is to warm up your muscles and to get your joints lubricated. I like the following warm-up exercises, but as long as your muscles are getting pliable and your joints are feeling “loose”….feel free to do your own thing…as long as it gets the job done.

5 Minutes of the following 4 Mobility Exercises:


1.  Circles – Starting with the ankles and moving all the way up to your neck, gently make circles with all of your joints – 10 revolutions each joint in each direction


2.  Rolling Like A Ball

3.  Shin Box

4.  Lateral Lunges


5 Minutes of the following Muscle Warm-Up Exercises

I am going to list a bunch of exercises. You choose which ones you want to do….remembering that the goal is to warm up the muscles and make them pliable and ready to handle the following workout

  • 1 Arm Swing Snatch – Dumbbell or kettlebell – choose a light weight – the goal is to warm-up
  • Bodyweight Squat
  • Step-Ups
  • Burpees
  • Push – Ups
  • BW Rows
  • Jumping Chins
  • Shuffle Lunges


The HIRT Workout

HIRT Superset #1

  • 2 exercises per superset
  • 5 minutes per superset
  • NO REST between sets
  • Choose a weight that would allow you to perform 10 reps (10RM)
  • Perform 5 reps per set
  • Perform the “work” part of each exercise as quickly and powerfully as possible


Bench Step Ups

  • 5 reps per set @ 10RM weight
  • Hold dumbbell in outside arm – ie left leg on bench, right arm holds DB


Lateral Bench Hops

  • 20 reps per set
  • BW


HIRT Superset #2

DB Push Press

  • 5 reps per set @ 10RM weight


Narrow Grip Pulldowns

  • 5 reps per set @ 10RM weight
  • Alternate grips between sets – palms in / palms out


HIRT Superset #3

Deadlift – Full or Partial DL/Rack Pull (knee height)

  • 5 reps per set @ 10RM weight


BW Jump Squat

  • 5 -10 reps per set @ bodyweight only


HIRT Superset #4

Cable/Band Woodchop – horizontal

  • 5 reps per side per set @ 10RM weight
  • Remember that this exercise is all about the HIP PIVOT – not twisting your lower back
  • Rope Handle


Face Pull

  • 10 reps per set @ 20RM weight


HIRT Superset #5 – optional

Repeat one of the first 4 Supersets – your choice

HIRT Superset #6 – optional

Repeat one of the first 4 Supersets – your choice



10 minutes of DIY

  • If you really want to lose weight, spend 10 minutes doing some HIITsprints on an exercise bike. I would recommend 10 sprints with a 10 sec ON : 50 sec OFF ratio
  • If you want to buff up those biceps, hit the curls for 10 minutes
  • If your hip flexors are really tight, put in 10 minutes stretching them along with your quads and lower lumbars.
  • And if your goal is power & strength, spend 10 minutes doing static holds or partial lifts


Stretching – minimum 10 minutes

Focus on the muscles you just worked, plus the ones that are tight on just about everyone….hip flexors, calves, hamstrings, chest, neck & traps


So, that takes care of Monday and Wednesday.

I’ll have another workout for you on Friday

Thurs, Sat & Sun are up to you.

It all depends on your goals

  • If your main goal is strength & power, you will perform Neural Recharge workouts –Here is a sample workout
  • If you want to improve your cardio, do cardio
  • If you want to improve your flexibility, do a yoga class or stretch
  • If you want to have fun while exercising, take a class, play a sport, etc…
  • But, NO SERIOUS LIFTING on your off days. You’ll screw up your recovery.

You can also rest on those off days. These 3 workouts are pretty intense and will do a lot on their own.


0 thoughts on “Your Best Body Workout – 2011 – Week 1 – Day 2

  1. Doug, I am interested in improving my cardio, so I went back through your workouts to week 25, and today did 20 min of HIIT and 40 min at around 65% of my HR. Is this too much with this program?

    I really appreciate all you do on your site. Thanks again.

  2. @Jeff

    I apologize for the incredibly vague answer I am about to give you in response to your question:

    It Depends.

    It depends upon your current level of fitness
    It depends how well you recover from intense exercise
    It depends on your diet and your sleep patterns and your day to day stress levels and your dietary supplements and your post workout recovery techniques

    For me, I could personally handle what you did, but I have a bunch of clients who could not.

    We adjust their program to suit their current state of fitness and re-adjust as they progress

    Same for you

    Pay close attention to how your body responds – aches, pains, sleep patterns, appetite, mood, etc…

    If you’re not recovering fast and fully enough, your bod will send you signals.

    As long as you pay attention, you will begin to recognize those signals and then we just need to re-adjust and try again

  3. Doug,
    Thank you for the response, I am reasonably young (24) and had no problem sleeping and recovering as the first few days were my days off. I work on an Ambulance however so while at work my sleep schedule is intermittent at best. I know this is terrible for me (I have read several studies on Shift work and mortality) and as such cut the cardio down a lot while on shift and do more stretching and recovery based stuff. I love the site and have learned a lot about improving my quality of life. Gratitude once again.

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