Jeff Garlin’s new book (my footprint) is the best & worst diet book I have ever read.

The worst because…. it’s not really a diet book.

There’s none of the eat this and don’t eat this that all diet books are supposed to have.

There are no promises of rapid and permanent weight loss.

There are no recipes.

The cover doesn’t feature an image of a person with taut muscles and a rippling six pack.

It features Jeff…and his still too big belly…walking on a treadmill….in the middle of a forest.

Not exactly the prototypical diet industry role model.

But that’s okay.

It’s okay because Jeff has written a book that should be read by:

  1. People who find themselves unable to stop themselves from eating
  2. People who identify themselves as food addicts
  3. People who have to eat when they feel angry, sad, anxious, happy, etc..
  4. People who eat when they are already full
  5. People who eat to the point of nausea
  6. People who eat past the point of nausea
  7. People who hide their eating habits from others
  8. People who are ashamed of how they eat
  9. People who love and care for people who eat like Jeff Garlin

Now onto the book…

Jeff Garlin provided the voice for the overweight spaceship captain in the movie WALL-E.

If you haven’t seen the movie, you really should. Even if you don’t like animation – but, I digress.

Back to the book.

After attending the closing night of WALL-E at a movie theater in Hollywood, Jeff realized (not for the first time), that for years, he has been telling himself that he’s going to finally lose the weight and get in shape. But he never does.

On that fateful night, after watching the captain experience his own epiphany, Jeff realizes that it’s finally time for him to stop talking about losing weight and to finally do something about it.

“If not now, then when”?

And as his lies in bed that night, Jeff is struck by an idea – he’ll write about his attempt to lose weight.

And just like his character in WALL-E, he decides to add an environmental transformation to his physical one.

Jeff has decided to lower his carbon footprint as he simultaneously lowers his personal footprint.

Jeff’s Weight Loss Journey

The first thing you’re going to notice about this book is that it reads like a series of diary entries. Chronologically we read about Jeff’s day to day struggles to overcome his food addiction and drop a ton of weight (while simultaneously lightening his environmental impact upon the earth).

The second thing that you’re going to notice is that Jeff is funny. Seriously funny. For those people who are already fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm, this will come as no surprise. But for those people who have never watched Curb, let’s just say that as I read this book (in public – coffee shop, chiropractor’s office) I couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud.

Yes – I was that strange person laughing to himself in a room full of people.

What I Loved About Jeff’s Message

Jeff made two points that struck me as terribly important.

1.     He is a food addict.

This is a very controversial statement.

Most weight loss experts (and the general) population that weight loss is as simple as eating less & moving more.

They are wrong.

People like Jeff know that in addition to the chemistry and biology of human metabolism, many of us have to deal with powerful mental & emotional obstacles that drive us to eat and eat and eat.

Just like the alcoholic, compulsive gambler or drug addict, our thoughts and emotions can have a profound effect upon our hormones, brain chemistry and ultimately our actions.

Food addiction is real.

2.     Weight Loss is hard work.

Unlike other “food addicts” Jeff doesn’t take the position that his addiction makes it impossible to lose weight. He doesn’t assume the role of victim.

Jeff is eager to spread the message that:

  • Weight loss is possible
  • But it is going to be really hard

There are no magic solutions.

There are going to be good days and there are going to be bad days.

Weight loss is hard work.

End of story.


Click here if you want to buy the book.