Do You Have Fat Taste Buds?

australia obesity

Back when I was a kid, I had 4 types of taste buds: Sweet, Salty, Sour & Bitter

And then, they discovered that I (we) actually had a fifth taste bud specifically for savory foods like meat, cheese & mushrooms. This taste is commonly referred to as Umami (fun fact – in Japanese, umami means flavor or taste.)

And because they can’t leave well enough alone, some researchers in Australia have recently discovered a sixth form of taste.

And it just so happens to be a taste for FAT……and how does this fat taste bud work?

According to the researchers, “people with a high sensitivity for taste of fat actually eat less fatty food and have less likelihood of being overweight“.¬†Unfortunately, this also means that people with a low sensitivity for taste of fat are more likely to eat more fatty food and have a greater likelihood of being overweight“.

And there is nothing you can do about it.

But, luckily for food manufacturers, research has already begun on creating an artificial fat flavoring that can be added to low-fat foods in order to trick your newest taste bud.

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0 thoughts on “Do You Have Fat Taste Buds?

  1. Wow!! So I wonder just what problems these chemicals will cause?

    Thanks, but I’ll take my fat real!

    Hmmmm….wonder if adding fat taste will mean they can go a little lighter on the sugar and/or salt?

    1. Alcinda,

      Food companies spend a lot of money finding new and exciting ways to manipulate us to consume more (psychology, anthropology, chemistry, biology, etc…)

      Like you, I prefer “real” food

    1. Heather,

      What part don’t you agree with – the research or the “conclusions” arrived at via the research?

      As a fellow skeptic, I also question the validity of “finding a cure” for insensitive fat taste buds. But I have little doubt that food additive labs are already hard at work finding a solution to a problem that may or may not exist.

  2. So fascinating.. Luckily I do not crave fat and on the rare occasions that I do crave it, I have a nice ripe avocado…(keeping avocados around the house keeps me from eating huge globs of mayonaisse straight from the jar)! LOL

  3. Eating fats does not make you fat (if you’re eating the good fats anyway). Starting to realize that eating excessive carbohydrates (apart from those found in fruits and veggies) is what makes you fat….See the books ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’ and ‘This is Why We Get Fat.’

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