Essential Workout Gear: The Gymboss Interval Timer


I love interval training….absolutely love it.

There is something magical about the HIIT, HIRT and Tabata workouts that I inflict upon my clients.

As the clock counts down, they move quicker, lift heavier and recover faster.

Whether it’s bike sprints…

or bodyweight squats…

…interval training is a powerful tool for burning fat and getting really, really fit, really, really fast.


How to Get Started with Interval Training


Step One:  Buy a Gymboss Interval Timer

Seriously, you’ll thank me.

  • No more watching the clock out of the corner of your eye or screaming at your workout buddy for not paying attention.
  • No more dropiing your smartphone on the hard gym floor.

Spend the 20 bucks. Buy a Gymboss interval timer. Clip it to your shorts. It will beep & vibrate to let you know when to start & stop.

Simple. Effective. Buy the damn timer.

Step Two: Do one of the HIIT/HIRT/Tabata workouts listed below

Step Three: Start sweating

That’s it

0 thoughts on “Essential Workout Gear: The Gymboss Interval Timer

  1. I like this post and totally agree with you on the interval training. I feel as if I’ve gotten a better workout if I’ve done interval training than if I’ve gone for say, a 5-mile run. Then again, I’m afraid that’s apples and oranges. Nonetheless, it Will without any Doubt increase your Fitness. Currently, my only problem left (after solving the first problem with the Gymboss) is to find a reasonable heart rate monitor because I’ve already got a sport watch that I like very much. Any suggestions?

  2. Honestly, how often in a week do you think a person could do interval training?

    Just curious. I’ve definitely got some pounds I could lose, and if I could swing it, I’d love to do tabata push ups, pull ups, squats, and situps three times a week if I could pull it off.

    1. Not every exercise works with the tabata protocol

      You want exercises that let you work lots of big muscles AND allow you to go at full intensity for the entire 4 min

      There is a big diff between light weight squats and/or thrusters and chin-ups. Pulldowns yes – chin-ups no

      Re the # of times for interval training per week – I have clients doing some version of intervals 6x per week – bike sprints (alone and as part of a cardio workout) 3x per week and resistance training exercise the other 3 days.

      It’s not always tabatas. Sometimes, it’s just 3-4 10 sec sprints during a 30 min bike ride

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  4. Gymboss is great, but if you don’t want to wait around for the shipping and already have an iPhone or iPod Touch, there are a few interval timer apps available for those as well, including WOD Timer. It has Tabata presets, voice cues, iPod music integration and more. Plus it’s really cheap in comparison. More information on that can be found here:

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