Snake Oil Supplements v.s. Instant Gratification

jillian fat burner

How can I lose weight fast?

sigh….you would not believe how often I hear this question.

Sure, it may have taken 10 years to put on all of that extra body-fat, but everyone wants to melt it off in a couple of months.

And that’s why people watch The Biggest Loser (it’s NBC’s highest rated show).

And that’s why people buy Fat Burners.

Because they promise results….very fast, very effective results

But what happens when ordinary folk don’t get the advertised results?

They get mad…and when people get mad in 2010….they sue.

According to the NY Daily Times, “Biggest Loser” celeb trainer Jillian Michaels is being sued over one of her weight-loss supplements.

Kathy Hensley charges that the supplements are made with a “potentially lethal” ingredient, citrus aurantium, which can in rare cases cause heart problems and high blood pressure, according to Us Weekly.

Hensley, who’s suing for less than $5,000, also names the supplements’ maker Thin Care, Basic Research and Walgreens.

Michaels, 36, who calls herself “America’s Toughest Trainer,” told Us Weekly in a statement after the first lawsuit was filed that the claims against her supplements are “entirely without merit.”

.Besides citrus aurantium, the pills contain guarana and coffee bean extract. “I stand behind all my products,” Michaels’ statement said. ThinCare also responded by saying: “We are confident we will prevail.”

ThinCare is wrong.

No one is going to prevail here.

  • Not Jillian Michaels
  • Not ThinCare
  • Not The Biggest Loser
  • Not the fans of The Biggest Loser
  • and not Kathy Hensley

Everyone involved with this mess is a loser.

The Solution….Grow the Hell Up People

You didn’t put the weight on overnight and you’re not going to take it off overnight.

The truth about fat burners is that:

  • Most of them don’t work
  • And the ones that do work only work for a short period of time

So, save your money, read through the Health Habits archives, join the Facebook Group, toss out the chocolate covered bacon strips and get ready to sweat.

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0 thoughts on “Snake Oil Supplements v.s. Instant Gratification

  1. I’m all warm and fuzzy inside after reading this.
    I couldn’t agree more. If only everyone would step away from the hype and stop looking for the silver bullet – and instead take some personal responsibility for themselves.. I think we just might have a chance at beating that thing called obesity??
    Nice post.

  2. Mmm, chocolate covered bacon…

    (Actually never tried that..)

    I believe most fat burners do provide some help, BUT, the point at which the help is noticeable is more when you’re near your perfect weight (or trying to go below it).

    For example a bodybuilder looking to drop the last bit of fat he can before a contest, he could probably take a fat burner and lose say 0.5lbs a week leading up to the contest instead of 0.2lbs. For him, that is a huge increase in his weight loss and can be clearly worth it. Especially considering he is already most likely doing a mountain of exercise, has a diet that is spot on, and is very lean so there probably is not much more to be gained by tightening up other areas.

    However for the average person looking to lose 30-40lbs or whatever, they probably don’t have a diet that is spot on, probably are not exercising as much as they could be, and that extra 0.3lbs means jack compared to the safe weight they could be losing if they did tighten those things up. They will see much better results (5-10x more) from focusing on everything else.

    So you might be saying, well, that extra 0.3lbs or whatever it ends up being is still weight lost, why not go for it along with everything else? That is fine and dandy, however as mentioned above there is a limited time span in which they help. You might get 2/4/6 weeks out of it before your body adapts and needs more to provide the same amount of weight loss, and if you start to increase dosages on things like fat burners you start getting into very dangerous territory. Especially if you are not aware of all the stimulants in your life (soda, energy drinks, chocolate, coffee, tea, etc..), some fat burners can have over 300mg of caffeine in them per serving and some energy drinks have 200mg or more, it is easy to see how you could really get screwed up with caffeine and not realize what is going on. And that does not take into account the effects of the other components of the fat burners that have stimulate effects.

    So moral of the story, lose the weight by other means, if your some sort of physique athlete or just need to be extra “cut” for a short period of time you may be able to use the products briefly around the time you need to be extra cut or whatever, but it is definitely not a long term solution.

  3. I think people like quick fixes even though they know it won’t work because they then have an excuse to tell others. “I’ve tried to lose weight by doing or using blah, blah, blah and it didn’t work”

    At 58, I’ve heard it all (said it myself) and now that I’m fit the folks who I know who were just as messed up as I was while we raised our kids together, attending the same schools, don’t want to abide me anymore because I know their dirty little secrets.

    Truth be known if folks get healthy and fit then they lose their audience for their daily organ recitals and participants in their pity parties, the ones I use to give and attend. In reality it is the denial of cause and effect, truth. Think back to the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. Everyone believes the Emperor is wearing some fine threads but in truth he was wearing nothing. The story has the little boy shouting it out; however, when many people hear the truth today, they reject it because they have too much invested in a lie.

    When people accept the truth about themselves, then they will work toward getting themselves fit and healthy. When we stop accommodating the folks who are unhealthy and unfit because of choices they have made, then they will be forced to do something about their sad state.

    I’m the bane of existence for many in my neighborhood because when they see me, as compared to what I use to be and look like, they want to smash the mirror that is reflecting back at them their true selves.

  4. Right on!! She is a very knowledgeable person and she cares a lot about her contestants. These fat burners are an epic fail, they have been that way forever! Popping pills never helped anybody there is only one healthy way to burn the fat. Dont put yourself in a money spending scheme.

  5. Wow I love this post, I cant tell you how many times I have thought this to myself. There is no quick fix in the world of health and fitness. More people need to read stuff like this.

  6. Well said. But, I believe that people who struggle with their weight — especially the super-obese — need to be treated with kindness and dignity along with the firm discipline.

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