Weight Loss or Fat Loss?



Do you want to lose weight?…or do you want to lose fat?

There’s a big difference between the two.

If you want to lose WEIGHT:


If you want to lose FAT:


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4 thoughts on “Weight Loss or Fat Loss?

  1. I really enjoyed your pictures. They are a lot of fun!

    The distinction between fat loss and weight loss is clearly explained and I think that we understand more and more that body composition is more important that the simple number on the scale.

    Thanks for this post. It puts things in perspective.

  2. I am guilty at only looking at the number on the scale and getting depressed that it hasn’t dropped as much as I want it to, even when I am losing centimeters around my waist and hips and I am looking more slim.
    I am doing my best to do high intensity exercise, cut out refined carbs and eat more vegies.

  3. I think your post (another great one) also makes the point that health and fitness can be rooted in sound concepts that are, actually, simple. The weight-loss list is convoluted and complex. I think confusion is a big issue in regard to health — we’re all bombarded with so much info… even though I have my own stance on the subject (which is pretty much the same as yours, albeit not necessarily as well-thought-out!), sometimes when stressed I start giving way and thinking, “But wait, maybe I need to do this… or this… ”

    In sum, I like how your fat-loss list seems to hit all the points, and in a nice, simple manner that fits together nicely the way a puzzle would. (Love the emphasis on self-confidence, too — I’m sure you’re a great personal trainer!)

  4. Some solid tips in your article, I particularly like the suggestion to follow the ‘skinny bitch diet’, where do I find that one……lol

    Though seriously you have some great tips, though to offer my own five cents worth I think psychology and mindset is not covered enough as well as the importance of getting plenty of sleep and managing stress to ensure you get the biggest bang for you buck for your fat loss effforts.

    Nice article!

  5. Love your post, your tips are so true. I work for a Fat Loss Product called SoL’eau Weight Loss Water. It uses a proprietary all natural fiber ingredient to help deliver leptin to your brain and turn on the fat burn while “increasing the volume” to your brain when your body is full so you can better control your appetite.

    Leptin is a pretty cool and powerful hormone once you understand it!

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