Health & fitness means different things to different people.

  • For some of us, it means having a ripped set of abs and a booty you could bounce a quarter off of.

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  • For others, it means dropping a few pounds and being able to climb a flight of stairs without passing out.
  • For the jocks amongst us, health & fitness means maximizing athletic performance.
  • And as we get older, most of us move away from running races & blasting up big bench presses and we become concerned about longevity and preventing disease.

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And don’t even get me started about parents raising healthy kids, or fitness-phobes, or people with existing diseases trying to maintain the health they have.

Health & fitness is different for each of us.

And because of that, the path towards health & fitness should be different for each of us. One size does NOT fit all.

The health habits that work for you might not work for me.

  • The supplements you take might be a waste of money for me
  • The exercise program I use might be completely inappropriate for you.
  • The diet that suits your lifestyle might frustrate me and send me running for the nearest pizza joint.

Unfortunately for all of us, the health & fitness industry is full of “magic bullet” solutions, sold by snakeoil salesmen, that completely ignore your individual health & fitness needs while promising to do everything for everybody.

Which as we all know, is a total crock of BS.

healthhabits health fitness diet booksBut don’t despair. The health & fitness industry is also full of…

  • Smart people doing cutting edge research on how to get healthier, stronger, leaner and live longer.
  • Almost equally smart people, loaded with empathy, who care enough about their clients to judge their own professional success by the personal successes of their clients/patients/readers/etc

And when you combine the blinding intellect of the science nerds with the “real world” experience of the best health/fitness/nutrition/physical therapy professionals….you end up with a collection of health habits that you can plug in and out of your own uniquely-you lifestyle to help you become:

  • Healthy
  • Happy
  • Strong
  • Capable of handling stressful events
  • Lean & fit 
  • Full of energy
  • Powerful (however you define that)
  • Able to balance home, work, friends, family in the 21st century…without going completely mental.

And that’s what we do at @healthhabits. We bring the nerds & the health/fitness pros together. Then we take all that awesome info and translate it into something that makes sense for non-health & fitness nerds.

And as if that wasn’t enough…me (Douglas Robb aka Mr.@healthhabits) and my almost 900,000 social media friends are always available to listen and offer advice.

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